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Literatur zur Politischen Ökonomie
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Capitalism and Its Economics
A Critical History
Ort: Verl.:
What Has Capitalism Done For Us? To Us? 1
The Dynamics of Capitalist Development 3
Capitalism′s nature and nurture 4
The heart of the matter: expansion and exploitation 5
Oligarchic rule? 6
What exploitation? 8
″Trade and the flag″: Which follows which? 9
In sum 11
The Sociology of Economic Theory 12
″The economy″ 13
Objectivity and neutrality 13
What should economists be expected to do? 15

PART I: 1750–1945

1 Birth: The Industrial Revolution and Classical Political
Economy, 1750–1850
The Start of Something Big 19
Why Britain took the lead 19
Commodification as revolution 20
The State: Now You See It, Now You Don′t 21
Emperor Cotton 23
Hell on earth 24
Industrialism in the Saddle 25
The Brains Trust 28
Adam Smith 28
″Invisible hand″ or ″invisible fist″? 30
David Ricardo 31
The gospel of free trade 32
Abstract theory versus earthy realities 33
Jean-Baptiste Say 34
Depression is impossible 34
Thomas Robert Malthus 35
Jeremy Bentham 38
John Stuart Mill 40
And Karl Marx 42

2 Maturation: Global Capitalism and Neoclassical Economics, 1850–1914
And British Industry Shall Rule the World: For a While 45
Politics, the accumulation of capital, and the industrial revolution 46
The Second Industrial Revolution 48
Industrialization at the gallop 49
The Pandora′s box of imperialism 49
The United States 51
The importance of being lucky 53
Big, bigger, biggest 54
Germany 57
Prussian political economy 58
German science and technology 59
The nation with two faces 60
A Digression on the Casting of Stones 62
Japan 64
Arise, Ye Prisoners of Starvation! 69
″Don′t waste any time in mourning. Organize″ 70
Socialist movements in Europe 72
And the United States? 72
Japan and Germany (again) 74
A Place in the Sun 76
The rat race begins 77
… And speeds up 78
… Then explodes 79
Economists in Wonderland 81
″Let us now assume ...″ 81
Recipes for absurdities 83
Counter-attack: Karl Marx 86
The social process 86
The dynamics of nineteenth-century capitalist development 87
And Thorstein Veblen 90
Human beings versus the system 91

3 Death Throes: Chaos, War, Depression, War Again; Economics in Disarray, 1914–45
The War to End All Wars – But That Didn′t 94
Messy world, neat economics 95
As You Sow, So Shall You Reap 96
War′s unwholesome economic fruits 97
The United States 97
Germany 98
Japan 98
The Soviet Union 99
The premature revolution 100
Forced industrialization 101
Fascist Italy 103
The first working class? 103
Antonio Gramsci 105
The future casts its shadow 106
The Big One 108
The bitter with the better 109
The bumpy road down 110
Global contagion 112
A tragedy of errors 113
New brooms don′t always sweep clean 114
New Deal 115
Better late than never 116
Unions 117
Housing 117
Social security 117
Nazi Germany 118
Through a glass darkly 119
Waste Land 122
Apocalypse now 122
Economics: Almost Out With the Old, Almost In With the New 124
The old stamping grounds 124
John Bates Clark 126
Irving Fisher 126
Joan Robinson I 126
Turning the earth 127
John Maynard Keynes 127
Alvin Hansen 132
Joan Robinson II 133
Joseph A. Schumpeter 135

PART II: 1945–2000

4 Resurrection: Global Economy II and its Crisis;
Hopeful Stirrings in Economics: 1945–75
The Best of Times – For Some, For a While 141
The Big Six 142
Behemoth Capitalism Unbound 143
From the Ashes Arising ... 144
Rescue 146
Rebuilding 146
Modernization ... and the Cold War 147
″Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war″ 149
″Excessive vigilance in the defense of freedom is no crime″ 150
BIG Business 151
The giants feed 152
As a matter of fact 152
Superstates 154
All Together Now: Shop! And Borrow! 156
The consciousness industry 156
Consumerism as a social disease 158
The family and politics 158
Stagflation: The Monster with Two Heads 159
Toward the new world order 161
Economics on a Seesaw 162
Post-Keynesian economics 162
Radical political economy 164
Up with the old 165

5 New World Order: Globalization and Financialization;
and Decadent Economics, 1975–2000
Introduction and Retrospect 167
Monopoly Capitalism II 168
Giants Roaming the Earth 170
The waltz of the toreadors 172
TNCs of the world, unite! 172
Media/telecommunications 174
Petroleum 174
″The new economy″ – Who benefits, and who
pays? 174
Wall Street 175
Wages and hours 175

Lean and mean 176
Fat and mean 178
The Superstate′s New Masters 180
The World as Capital′s Oyster 182
The Triumph of Spectronic Finance 183
The little old lady of Threadneedle Street and her offspring 186
″Is the United States Building a Debt Bomb?″ 188
The addicted consumer 190
And so? 191
The Media: Amusing Ourselves to Death 192
For Shame! 195

6 The Unfolding Crisis of the Twenty-first Century
Introduction 200
Global Economies: Easy Come, Easy Go 201
There Is No Failure Like Success 204
Altogether Now: Quarrel! 210
Introduction: Economic Growth as Icon 213
The Case for Growth 214
The Tossicodipendente Global Economy 215
The theater of the absurd and the obscene 216
Honk, if you need a gas mask 217
Global Economy III: Today, the World 218
Democracy: the challenge met 218
Orwell revisited 220
The political economy of corruption 221
From Bad to Worse 222
Hong Kong 222
Singapore 222
South Korea 223
Taiwan 223
The eleventh commandment: export! 224
Needs and Possibilities and New Directions 225
Politics and understanding 226
Structural changes 227

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