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Levitt (2013): From the Great Transformation to the Great Financialization
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From the Great Transformation to the Great Financialization
On Karl Polanyi and Other Essays
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The essays in this volume should be read against the background of the accelerating accumulation of global finance that created a series of financial crises in Latin America, Russia, Asia and, eventually, the heartlands of capitalism itself. This book probes into the dynamics of global capitalism, a system in crisis, by Kari Levitt, one of Canada′s premier development economists, with insights derived from a re-reading of the writings of her father, Karl Polanyi, one of the greatest economists of the twentieth century.

• Foreword

• Preface

• Introduction

Part I. Polanyi on Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy Transformations: Past, Present, and Future?

• Hayek from Vienna to Chicago: Architect of the Neoliberal Creed

• The Roots of Polanyi′s Socialist Vision • Back to the Future: The World Economic Crisis of the 1930s

• Keynes and Polanyi: The 1920s and the 1990s

• Leading Concepts in the Work of Karl Polanyi and Their Contemporary Relevance

• Culture and Economy

• Social Dividend as a Citizen Right

Part II. The Global South from Conquest and Exploitation to Self-reliant Development Structural Continuity and Economic Dependence in the Capitalist World System

• Mercantilist Origins of Capitalism and Its Legacies: Decline of the West and Rise of the Rest

• The Great Financialization

• Development Economics in Perspective

• Reclaiming Policy Space for Equitable Economic Development

• Intellectual Independence and Transformative Change in the South

• Postscript on Globalization and Development

• Epilogue

• Bibliography

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