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Barnett (2008): New Approaches to Monetary Economics
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New Approaches to Monetary Economics
Proceedings of the Second International Symposium in Economic Theory and Econometrics
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Part I: Transactions motivated monetary holdings in general equilibrium
1. Monetary dynamics with proportional transaction costs and fixed payment periods
Sanford J. Grossman 3
2. A multiple means-of-payment model
Edward C. Prescott 42
3. Credit policy and the price level in a cash-in-advance economy
Michael Woodford 52

Part II: Financial intermediation
4. Preference shocks, liquidity, and central bank policy
Sudipto Bhattacharya and Douglas Gale 69
5. Banking and macroeconomic equilibrium
Ben Bernanke and Mark Gertler 89

Part III: Monetary aggregation theory
6. The microeconomic theory of monetary aggregation
William A. Barnett 115
7. Monetary asset separability tests
Apostolos Serletis 169
8. Money demand in open economies: a Divisia application to the U.S. case
Jaime Marquez 183
9. Aggregation of monetary goods: a production model
Diana Hancock 200
10. Money in the utility function: an empirical implementation
James M. Poterba and Julio J. Rotemberg 219
11. Comment on papers in Part III
William A. Barnett 241

Part IV: Issues on aggregate fluctuations
12. Asset prices in a time-series model with disparately informed, competitive traders
Kenneth J. Singleton 249
13. Nominal surprises, real factors, and propagation mechanisms
Robert G. King and Charles I. Plosser 273
14. A rational expectations framework for short-run policy analysis
Christopher A, Sims 293

Part V: Theoretical issues in the foundations of monetary economics and macroeconomics
15. Pricing and the distribution of money holdings in a search economy, II
Peter Diamond and Joel Yellin 311
16. The optimal inflation rate in an overlapping-generations economy with land
Bennett T. McCallum 325
17. Some unsolved problems for monetary theory
Neil Wallace 340
18. Externalities associated with nominal price and wage rigidities
John B. Taylor 350

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