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Clark (1979): Explorations in the falling rate of profit
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Explorations in the falling rate of profit
"Summary and Conclusion

The results described above are not put forth as definitive, but rather as illustrative. What they suggest is a new area for statistical investigation. The use of input-output data allows the integration of two heretofore disparate branches of economic analysis, i.e., the inverse transformation problem and capitalist crisis theory. The analytical and statistical separation of value from price categories allows new theoretical possibilities.
The empirical results suggest that the most recent period in the U . S . can be regarded as an interim phase of relative retreat by the working class, in spite of an overall constancy and, in certain cases, an increase in wages. The contradictions associated with a rising organic composition of capital are not demonstrated. At the same time, the relationships established do imply the ultimate presence of contradictions. Curiously, each of the factors associated with the three major theories of capitalist crisis play a role. The catalyst to the overall process is worker militancy, expressed through union organization and the threat of rising wages. A major consequence of the process is the diversion of "investment seeking surplus" into channels leading away from private domestic capital in line with the ideas advanced by proponents of "realization crises." But the cornerstone remains the classical mechanism of declining value profits which forestalls the efforts of private domestic capitals to sustain their competetive position which they conceive in terms of price profits. Our simulation in fact shows price profits increasing overall. The system is caught unaware of its own impending demise.
Our final observation pertains to the realm of practical action. A major change in our underlying assumptions regarding the future as compared to the past is the reversal in a present trend in the U.S. toward decreased worker militancy. This is expressed through the assumption of increasing union membership in the future, as-compared to present circumstances of decrease. For other countries where union membership per se, is not an indication of militancy, the index may be different. The contradictions inherent in modern capitalism are lurking and present. They require only a catalyst to set them into motion, One such catalyst emerges for the U.S. as the organization of workers at the point-of-production. If this tentative result can be verified through a more careful and exact analysis of the data and if the result once established could be acted upon then the new statistical possibilities, conceived within the arcane realm of mathematical economics, will have proved their worth." (Autor)

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