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Hickernell (1922): Business Cycles
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Business Cycles
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Chapter I. The Cycle Described
Periods of the Cycle 5
Description of the Cycle 5
Reaction and Depression 6
What Our Problem Is 7

Chapter II. Outlining the Problem
Meeting Friendly Skepticism 8
Why Should Cycles be Understood ? 8
Intuition vs. Sound Judgment 9
Developing a Correct Method 10

Chapter III. Selecting an Index of the Business Cycle.
What the Term "Cycle" Means 11
Statistical Indexes 12
Bank Clearings — A Good Index 13
Imports and Exports ' 14
Commodity Prices 15
Miscellaneous Indexes of Business Conditions 16
Charting Cycle Indexes 17
Corrected Cycle Indexes 17

Chapter IV. The Normal Cycle
Normal Cycle Defined 20
Cause of the Normal Cycle 20
Loanable Funds 21
Normal Condition of a Central Bank 21
Expanded Credit Position (Gold assumed stationary) .... 22
Expanded Credit Position (Gold reduced) 22
International Influences 22
Increasing the Gold Reserves 23
Credit Deflated; Loanable Funds Abundant 24
Cause and Effect 24
New York Financial Barometers 25
Conditions 1904-08 26
Barometers of European Financial Conditions 27

Chapter IV. The Normal Cycle {continued)
After-War Barometers 29
Principle Restated 30
Practical Application of the Scientific Method 30
What Scientific Method Means 31
Summary of Chapter 32

Chapter V. The "Cross-Currents"
Cross-Currents of Two Kinds 33
Gold Production 33
Test of Degree of Gold Production 34
Inconvertible Paper Money 35
Unsound Bank Management 36
Crops 36
Historical Verification the Next Step 37

Chapter VI. Resume of History of Panics
Chief Panics, 1720-1920 38-44
Watching the Trend of Affairs 44

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