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Anseeuw (2011): The end of the African peasant
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The end of the African peasant
From investment funds and finance valuechains to peasant related questions
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"Conclusion (S.17)
The South African farming sector is presently characterized by important restructurings, related to the recent agricultural and financial crises and characterized by the financiarisation and "corporisation" of agriculture. It leads to a concentration in the hands of a few traditionally non-agricultural macro-actors, as well as to a new process of "agricultural proletarianization ", transforming family farmers into rent-seekers and\or agricultural workers on their own lands.

In the absence of alternative successful investment and production models, this conception of agricultural development centered on macro-actors becomes the reference paradigm. If it is presently the case for South Africa in particular, the model seems to be exported to the rest of the continent. It is, indeed, adopted by the public development agencies (NEPAD, AfDB, etc.) and exported by these macro-actors within the framework of their economic expansion. As such, they tend to import their models and their vision of agricultural development.

These transformations are the bases of the present agricultural development tensions: the debate between small-scale agriculture and the large mechanized operations, the opposition between speculative investment and food security, or the questions related to the promotion of foreign investment and food sovereignty. They particularly underline the lack of reflections and debates around the implications of these transformations regarding national and international development policies and trajectories, whether agricultural or not, for these developing countries in search of alternatives."

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