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Elms (2013): Global value chains in a changing world
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Global value chains in a changing world
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Introduction 1
Deborah K. Elms and Patrick Low

Part I Changing features of global value chains 11
1 Global supply chains: why they emerged, why they matter, and where they are going 13
Richard Baldwin
2 The role of services 61
Patrick Low

Part II Why and how we measure trade in value-added terms 83
3 Estimating trade in value-added: why and how? 85
Nadim Ahamad
4 The implications of using value-added trade data for applied trade policy analysis 109
Robert. B. Koopman, - Marinos Tsigas, - David Riker, and William Powers
5 Geometry of global value chains in East Asia: the role of industrial networks and trade policies 135
Hubert Escaith and Satoshi Inomata

Part III Some issues for supply chain managers 159
6 Views of GVC operators 161
Deborah K. Elms
7 The dynamics of global supply chains: the imperatives for success in a new market ecology 171
Henry Birdseye Weil
8 Uncertainty and risk in global supply chains 195
Donald Lessard
9 The influence of customer buying behaviour on product flow patterns between trading countries, and the implications for regulatory policy 221
John Gattorna
10 Supply chain connectivity and trade in Asia 245
Mark Goh

Part IV Plugging into supply chains: designing policy for a changing world 261
11 Policies to improve the supply chain: what needs to be done? 263
Michael J. Ferrantino
12 Can SMEs participate in global networks? evidence from ASEAN firms 279
Ganeshan Wignaraja
13 The globalization of supply chains: policy challenges for developing countries 313
Ujal Singh Bhatia
14 Global value chains and industrial policy: the role of emerging economies 329
Gary Gereffi and Timothy Sturgeon
15 How have production networks changed development strategies in Asia? 361
Fukinari Kimura
16 Expansion of global value chains in Asian developing countries: automotive case study in the Mekong sub-region 385
Masato Abe

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