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Wendling (2009): Karl Marx on Technology and Alienation
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Karl Marx on Technology and Alienation
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1 Karl Marx′s Concept of Alienation 13
I Objectification, alienation, and estrangement: on Marx′s Hegelian inheritance 14
II Other origins of ″alienation″ and ″objectification″ 24
III Marx′s account of alienation: from early to late 37
IV The alienated object of production: commodity fetishism 49
V The alienated means of production: machine fetishism 55

2 Machines and the Transformation of Work 61
I Marx′s energeticist turn 66
II The first law of thermodynamics: Kraft, Stoff, and the discourse of energetics 71
III From Arbeit to Arbeitskraft: Marx′s transformation of work from self-actualization to energy expenditure 82
IV The second law of thermodynamics: entropy, the heat death of the universe, and revolution 88

3 Machines in the Communist Future 93
I Technology and the boundaries of nature 93
II Material wealth and value: the Grundrisse′s ″Fragment on Machines″ 98
III The strife between technology and capital: the fall in the rate of profit 105
IV Enjoyment not value: challenging the capitalist logic of exhaustion 108
V Man himself as fixed capital: the symbiosis of human and machine in the production of material wealth 117
VI Class kinship and the redistribution of the means of production 121

4 Machines in the Capitalist Reality 128
I Between thermodynamics and humanism: approaching Capital 128
II Machinery as an historical category of production 136
III Machines, trains, and other capitalist monsters 145
IV Rough, foul-mouthed boys: women′s monstrous laboring bodies 155
V Wage labor and race 159
VI Wage labor and sexuality 164
VII Machinery and revolution 168

5 Alienation Beyond Marx 174
I Science and technology in Marx′s excerpt notebooks 178
II Karl Marx and Charles Babbage: the speed of production in the Economic Manuscripts of 1861–1863 182
III Machines and temporality: the treadmill effect and free time 192
IV Technophobia and technophilia 199
V Technophobia and twentieth-century theory 206

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