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OECD (2008): Staying Competitive in the Global Economy
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Staying Competitive in the Global Economy
Compendium of Studies on Global Value Chains
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The rapid process of globalisation is among the most striking features of the current economic landscape. It raises new challenges for policy makers, particularly linked to the impacts of globalisation on production and employment in OECD countries. At the 2004 Ministerial Council Meeting, a number of Ministers considered that the OECD could help to dispel fears about the issues related to the increased outsourcing of industrial production -- often outside the OECD area. Solid facts to underpin the identification of true policy issues and responses were still scarce and a wide range of anecdotal and often contradictory evidence was quoted in the public debate. A systematic empirical overview of trends and developments was considered to be lacking even though the political concerns related to globalisation are high on the policy agenda in many OECD countries.

To help address these concerns, the OECD Council decided at the end of 2004 on an allocation of the OECD′s Central Priority Fund to promote work on the globalisation of value chains for 2005 and 2006. This compendium of papers brings together several studies on globalisation, which have been developed in the context of this project over the past years. The work aimed at strengthening the evidence base on globalisation, which should ultimately enable the development of evidence-based policies to address the key concerns. The studies address the main areas of OECD work on the globalisation of value chains, notably the use of input-output tables to better measure global value chains (Chapter 2), the challenges and opportunities for SMEs in global value chains (Chapter 3), the changing nature of manufacturing (Chapter 4), the employment effects of globalisation in services sectors (Chapter 5), the productivity impacts of MNEs (Chapter 6), the effects of outsourcing on firm productivity (Chapter 7) and the trends and patterns of R&D internationalisation (Chapter 8).

These studies, combined with other work undertaken by the OECD, were used in preparing a synthesis report under the title Staying Competitive in the Global Economy: Moving up the Value Chain, which was published mid-2007. This report synthesises current globalisation patterns with a focus on science, technology and industry and examines policy issues that are considered the most relevant in addressing the policy concerns related to globalisation. A summary of this report was presented to the OECD Ministerial meeting in May 2007.

Executive Summary 7
Chapter 1. Introduction and Synthesis
Koen De Backer and Dirk Pilat
Chapter 2. The Measurement of Globalisation Using International Input-Output Tables
Koen De Backer and Norihiko Yamano
Chapter 3. Enhancing the Role of SMEs in Global Value Chains
Mariarosa Lunati
Chapter 4. The Changing Nature of Manufacturing in OECD Economies
Dirk Pilat, Agnes Cimper, - Karsten Olsen and Colin Webb
Chapter 5. Potential Impacts of International Sourcing on Different Occupations
Desirée van Welsum and Xavier Reif
Chapter 6. Foreign Affiliates in OECD Economies: Presence, Performance and Contribution to Host Countries′ Growth
Chiara Criscuolo
Chapter 7. Offshoring and Productivity: The Case of Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom
Chiara Criscuolo, Eva Hagsten, Aoife Hanley, Patrik Karpaty and Stefan Svanberg
Chapter 8. The Internationalisation of R&D
Koen De Backer and Ester Basri

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