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Reuten (2006): Marx's rate of profit transformation
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Marx's rate of profit transformation
Methodological, theoretical and philological obstacles an appraisal based on the text of Capital III and manuscripts of 1864-65, 1875 and 1878
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Part Two of Capital III sets out the transformation of the rate of surplus-value into the general rate of profit. This text is discussed in confrontation with Marx's manuscripts of 1864-65, from which Engels edited Capital III, as well as with some in 2003 first published manuscripts of the 1870's.
A first finding, not directly related to the manuscripts, is that a mistake of confusing levels of abstraction, is the methodological obstacle for the problem of this transformation. Second, a theoretical obstacle is Marx's assumption of equalised rates of surplus-value, one that he maintains throughout most of Part Two of the 1864-65 manuscript, though questions in Part One of the same manuscript as well as in a later manuscript. Third, generally and merely confirming the view of the MEGA editors, the 1864-65 manuscript is a research manuscript far removed from resolutions fit for a final presentation. A fourth finding is that Marx himself was disappointed with what he had reached (in the 1864-65 ms) – so much that it is unlikely that he intended to maintain the 1864-65 transformation procedure when he wrote, in 1866-67, the final version for the first edition of Capital I. Therefore it is misleading to interpret the Capital I text in the "light" of the Engels' edited Capital III text – at least as far as Marx is concerned.

Introduction 1
§1. The published drafts for Das Kapital III, Parts One and Two. 2
§2. A note on Marx's method in Capital. 3
§3. Remarks on Capital III, Part One: from rate of surplus-value to rate of profit . 3
§4. A formal representation of the tables of Capital III, Chapter 9 7
§5. The 1864-65 manuscript and the text of 'Capital III' Part Two 9
§6. Notes on the manuscripts of 1875 and 1878: diverging rates of surplusvalue 15
Conclusions . 18

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