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Atack (2009): The Origins and Development of Financial Markets a
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The Origins and Development of Financial Markets and Institutions
From the Seventeenth Century to the Present
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1. Financial innovations and crises: The view backwards from Northern Rock 1
Jeremy Atack
2. An economic explanation of the early Bank of Amsterdam, debasement, bills of exchange and the emergence of the first central bank 32
Stephen Quinn and William Roberds
3. With a view to hold: The emergence of institutional investors on the Amsterdam securities market during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries 71
Oscar Gelderblom and Joost Jonker
4. Was John Law′s System a bubble? The Mississippi Bubble revisited 99
Francois R. Velde
5. Sir George Caswall vs. the Duke of Portland: Financial contracts and litigation in the wake of the South Sea Bubble 121
Gary S. Shea
6. The bell jar: Commercial interest rates between two revolutions, 1688–1789 161
Marc Flandreau, - Christophe Galimard, - Clemens Jobst and Pilar Nogués-Marco
7. Comparing the UK and US financial systems, 1790–1830 209
Richard Sylla
8. Natural experiments in financial reform in the nineteenth century: The Davis and Gallman analysis 241
Larry Neal
9. Regulatory changes and the development of the US banking market, 1870–1914: A study of profit rates and risk in national banks 262
Richard J. Sullivan
10. Anticipating the stock market crash of 1929: The view from the floor of the stock exchange 294
Eugene N. White
11. The development of ″non-traditional″ open market operations: Lessons from FDR′s silver purchase program 319
Richard C.K. Burdekin and Marc D. Weidenmier
12. The interwar shocks to US–Cuban trade relations: A view through sugar company stock price data 345
Alan Dye and Richard Sicotte
13. Central bank reaction functions during the inter-war gold standard: A view from the periphery 388
Kirsten Wandschneider
14. When do stock market booms occur? The macroeconomic and policy environments of twentieth century booms 416
Michael D. Bordo and David C. Wheelock
15. Lessons from history for the twenty-first century 450
Larry Neal

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