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Literatur zur Politischen Ökonomie
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Stringer (2008): Agri-Food Commodity Chains and Globalising Networks
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Agri-Food Commodity Chains and Globalising Networks
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1 Introduction: Mapping the Concept of Globalising Networks 1
Christina Stringer and Richard Le Heron
2 Upgrading in South Africa′s Squid Value Chain 9
Charles Mather
3 Agribusiness and Poverty Reduction: What Can be Learned from the Value Chain Approach? 23
Andreas Stamm
4 Big is Not Always Better: Global Value Chain Restructuring and the Crisis in South Indian Tea Estates 35
Jeffrey Neilson and Bill Pritchard
5 Contesting the Rules of Exchange: Changing Conventions of Procurement in the MERCOSUR Yerba Mate Commodity Chain 49
Christopher Rosin
6 Audit Me This! Kiwifruit Producer Uptake of the EurepGAP Audit System in New Zealand 61
Christopher Rosin, - Hugh Campbell and Lesley Hunt
7 Maintaining the ′Clean Green′ Image: Governance of On-Farm Environmental Practices in the New Zealand Dairy Industry 75
Paula Blackett and Richard Le Heron
8 A Sustainable Fisheries Oasis? Strategy and Performance in the New Zealand Seafood Sector 89
Eugene Rees
9 Constructing Economic Objects of Governance: The New Zealand Wine Industry 103
Nicolas Lewis
10 Placing Local Food in a Cross-Border Setting 121
Brian Ilbery and Damian Maye
11 Agrarian Clusters and Chains in Rural Areas of Germany and Poland 137
Elmar Kulke
12 Farmer Innovations in Environmental Management: New Approaches to Agricultural Sustainability? 147
Mairi Jay
13 The Region as Organisation: Differentiation and Collectivity in Bordeaux, Napa, and Chianti Classico 161
Jerry Patchell
14 Creating Trust Through Branding: The Case of Northwest Ohio′s Greenhouse Cluster 175
Neil Reid and Michael C. Carroll
15 Growing a Global Resource-Based Company from New Zealand: The Case of Dairy Giant Fonterra 189
Christina Stringer, - Christine Tamásy, - Richard Le Heron and Stuart Gray
16 The Commodity Chain at the Periphery: The Spar Trade of Northern New Zealand in the Early 19th Century 201
Michael Roche
17 Akaroa Cocksfoot: Examining the Supply Chain of a Defunct New Zealand Agricultural Export 215
Vaughan Wood
18 Biotic Exchange in an Imperial World: Developments in the Grass Seed Trade 229
Eric Pawson

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