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Sayer (1987): The Violence of Abstraction
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The Violence of Abstraction
The Analytic Foundation of Historical Materialism
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1 Prologue: Marx's 'guiding thread'
2 Productive forces
3 Relations of production
4 Ideal superstructures
5 lnterlude: the giraffes among the acacias
6 The historicity of concepts

"But there is, none the less, a particular problem with writing about Marx. This problem is a moral as much as an intellectual one. No other modern social thinker has influenced social and political movements as much as he. Same one-third of the world's population now live under governments which claim Marx's imprimatur for their policies and indeed legitimate their very existence in terms of his supposed theory of history. Marxist parties, of varying size and strength, claim to speak for 'the people' everywhere they are permitted. This is not the case with a Kant or a Weber, and greatly raises the stakes of intellectual debate. Questions of what Marx meant by this or that have an inescapably political as well as a scholarly context, and may sometimes have very practical implications. In many cases the claim that Marx held such and such a view is itself - absurd as this may be - considered sufficient to confer authority upon that view. Nobody, so far as I know, has yet been incarcerated or killed for their heretical interpretation of Kant or Weber (or, come to that, for their orthodox one). 'Marxology' is therefore rarely a merely academic pursuit." (Aus dem Vorwort)

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