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Chase-Dunn (2005): The Historical Evolution of World-Systems
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The Historical Evolution of World-Systems
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This book analyses the historical evolution of world-systems.The chapters consider various aspects of the rise and fall of great powers as seen in particular cases from early time periods.Taken together, they advance our understanding of the regularities in the dynamics of empire and economic expansion since the Bronze Age. (Verlag)

One The Rise and Fall of Great Powers 1
E. N. Anderson and Christopher Chase-Dunn
Two Eurasian C-Wave Crises in the First Millennium B.C. 20
William R.Thompson
Three From Harappa to Mesopotamia and Egypt to Mycenae: Dark Ages, Political–Economic Declines, and Environmental/Climatic Changes 2200 B.C.–700 B.C. 52
Sing C. Chew
Four Power is in the Details: Administrative Technology and the Growth of Ancient Near Eastern Cores 75
Mitchell Allen
Five Power and Size: Urbanization and Empire Formation in World-Systems Since the Bronze Age 92
Christopher Chase-Dunn, Alexis Álvarez, and Daniel Pasciuti
Six Lamb, Rice, and Hegemonic Decline: The Mongol Empire in the Fourteenth Century 113
E. N. Anderson
Seven The Rise of European Hegemony:The Political Economy of South Asia and Europe Compared, A.D. 1200–A.D. 1500 122
Eric Mielants
Eight Contentious Peasants, Paternalist State, and Arrested Capitalism in China′s Long Eighteenth Century 155
Ho-Fung Hung
Nine Space, Matter, and Technology in Globalization of the Past and Future 174
Stephen G. Bunker and Paul S. Ciccantell

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