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Chandler (1990): Strategy and Structure
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Strategy and Structure
Chapters in the History of the Industrial Enterprise
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Strategy and Structure

Motives and Methods

Some General Propositions

1 Historical Setting

The Beginnings of Business Administration in the United States
The Coming of the Integrated. Multidepartmental Enterprise
Integration via Combination and Consolidation
Organization Building
Further GrowthThe Coming of the Multidivisional Enterprise

2 Du PontCreating the Autonomous Divisions

The Centralized Structure

The Strategy of Consolidation
Creating the Multidepartmental Structure
Structural Modifications 1903-1919
Further Centralization 1919

The Strategy of Diversification

Initial Steps Toward Diversification
Intensified Pressures for Diversification
The Final Definition of the Strategy of Diversification

New Structure for the New Strategy

New Problems Created by New Strategy
The Problems Analyzed
A New Structure Proposed and Rejected
A Compromise Structure Adopted
Crisis and the Acceptance of the Multidivisional Structure

3 General MotorsCreating the General Office 114

The Durant Strategy 114

The Sources of Durant's Strategy 115
The Creation of General Motors 118
The Storrow Regime 120
Durant's Return and Renewed Expansion and Integration 122
Du Pont Contributions to Durant's Organization 125
The Crisis of 1920 128

The Sloan Structure 130

The Sources of Sloan's Structure 130
The ''Organization Study'' 133
Minor Modifications 140

Putting the New Structure into Operation 142

Defining Divisional Boundaries 142
The Development of Statistical and Financial Controls 145
Defining the Role of the Advisory Staff 153
The Role of the Executive Committee 157
The Finished Structure 158
A Comparison of Organization Building at General Motors and du Pont 161

4 Standard Oil Company (New Jersey)Ad Hoc Reorganization 163

Structure and Strategy Before 1925 164

The Strategy of Vertical Integration and Continued Expansion 170
Vertical Integration and the Creation of New Functional Departments 172
Expansion and the Older Departments 175
The Growth of Staff Departments 177
The Board 181
Initial Awareness of Structural Weaknesses 182

The Initial Reorganization1925-1926 185

Teagle's Troubles 186
The 1925 "Program" 188
The Coordination Department and Committee 189
The Budget Department and Committee 193
Reorganizing the Marketing Department 196
Reorganizing the Manufacturing Department 199

The Creation of the Multidivisional, "Decentralized" Structure 205

Continuing Difficulties 205
The 1927 Changes 208
Working Out the New Structure 216
Some Final Considerations 221

5 Sears, Roebuck and CompanyDecentralization, Planned and Unplanned 225

Changing Strategy and Structure 225

Initial Strategy and Structure 226
The New Strategy 233
Structural Strains Created by the New Strategy 237

Abortive Decentralization 241

The Frazer Committee 242
The Committee's Proposals 243
Carrying Out the Committee's Proposals 249
Frazer Reviews the New Structure 252
Continuing Conflict and Resulting Proposals 253
The Territorial Organization Scrapped 260

Evolutionary Decentralization 261

The Centralized Retail Organization 261
Decentralization of the Retail Organization 265
The Growth of Local Regional Administrative Units 267
The Return to the Territorial Organization 268
The Final Structure 276

6 Organizational InnovationA Comparative Analysis 283

The Adaptive Response 284

Building the Functional Departments 285
Building the Central Office 290

The Creative Innovation 299

The Conditions for Innovation 299
The Process of Innovation 303
The Significance of tile Innovation 309

Organizational Innovators 314

An Organization Builder's Personality and Training 315
Sources of Information 320

7 The Spread of the Multidivisional Structure 324

Industries Not Accepting the New Structure 326

Copper and Nickel 327
Steel 331
Aluminum 337
Materials 340

Industries Partially Accepting the New Structure 342

Processors of Agricultural Products 344
Rubber 350
Petroleum 352

Industries Widely Accepting the New Structure 362

Electrical and Electronics 363
Power Machinery and Automobiles 370
Chemicals 374

Variations On Structural Change 378

The Merchandising Enterprises 378
Summary of the Process of Structural Change within the Enterprise 380

ConclustionChapter in the History of the Great Industrial Enterprise 380

The First ChapterAccumulating Resources 386
The Second ChapterRationalizing the Use of Resources 387
The Third ChapterContinued Growth 390
The Fourth ChapterRationalizing the Use of Expanding Resources 393

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