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Zarembka (2000): Value, Capitalist Dynamics and Money
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Value, Capitalist Dynamics and Money
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This volume begins with an introduction to Marx's theory of capitalism in his own words, with his examples modernized from use of shillings and pence as subdivisions of the Pound. Well-known work in 1901 on the theory of crises in capitalism by Michael Tugan-Baranowsky is translated into English for the first time, with a Preface placing it in context. The political activism and theoretical work of Henryk Grossman through 1926 is summarized in some detail, and a rarely-known brief article of his from 1919 included.

Ambiguity in Marx's definition of accumulation of capital and the differing directions Lenin and Luxemburg took with it are next analyzed, with a more precise definition offered. Debate, begun in the last volume, over the valuation of means of production and its effect on the possibility of a falling tendency of the profit rate is taken a step forward as contrasting positions are developed.

Finally, credit money as an advanced form of money is analyzed and the post-Keynesian analysis of it, originating from Kaldor, subject to critique. Several theories of inflation theory are reviewed, with focus on the agencies causing inflation. A rediscovery of Marxian inflation theory is proposed.

Value, price, and profit (abridged): An introduction to the theory of capitalism
Karl Marx (pp. 3 - 39)

Studies on the theory and the history of business crises in England, part I: Theory and history of crises (pp. 43 - 51)

Chapter I. The fundamental causes of crises in the capitalist economy
Michael von Tugan-Baranowsky (pp. 53 - 80)

Chapter VII. Marx's theory of crises
Michael von Tugan-Baranowsky (pp. 81 - 110)

Henryk Grossman, a marxist activist and theorist: On the 50th anniversary of his death
Rick Kuhn (pp. 111 - 170)

The theory of economic crisis
Henryk Grossman (pp. 171 - 180)

Accumulation of capital, its definition: A century after Lenin and Luxemburg
Paul Zarembka (pp. 183 - 241)

Two concepts of value, two rates of profit, two laws of motion
Alan Freeman, Andrew Kliman (pp. 243 - 267)

Two of everything: A response
David Laibman (pp. 269 - 278)

Response to Freeman and Kliman
Duncan K. Foley (pp. 279 - 283)

Rejoinder to Duncan Foley and David Laibman
Andrew Kliman, Alan Freeman (pp. 285 - 293)

Numerology, temporalism, and profit rate trends
David Laibman (pp. 295 - 306)

The supply of credit money and capital accumulation: A critical view of Post-Keynesian analysis
Costas Lapavitsas, Alfredo Saad-Filho (pp. 309 - 334)

Inflation theory: A critical literature review and a new research agenda
Alfredo Saad-Filho (pp. 335 - 362)

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