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Bidet (2008): Critical Companion
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Critical Companion to Contemporary Marxism
Dictionnaire Marx contemporain
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Introduction: Marxism, Post-Marxism, Neo-Marxisms xi
Jacques Bidet and Stathis Kouvelakis
Prefi gurations
Chapter One A Key to the Critical Companion to Contemporary Marxism . 3
Jacques Bidet
Chapter Two The Crises of Marxism and the Transformation of Capitalism 23
Stathis Kouvelakis
Chapter Three The Development of Marxism: From the End of Marxism-Leninism to a Thousand Marxisms – France-Italy, 1975–2005 39
André Tosel
Chapter Four Whither Anglo-Saxon Marxism? . 79
Alex Callinicos
Chapter Five Old Theories and New Capitalism: The Actuality of a Marxist Economics . 95
Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy
Chapter Six Analytical Marxism 123
Christopher Bertram
Chapter Seven The Frankfurt School′s Critical Theory: From Neo-Marxism to ′Post-Marxism′ 143
Gérard Raulet
Chapter Eight The Late Lukács and the Budapest School . 163
André Tosel
Chapter Nine The Regulation School: A One-Way Ticket from Marx to Social Liberalism? . 175
Michel Husson
Chapter Ten Ecological Marxism or Marxian Political Ecology? 189
Jean-Marie Harribey
Chapter Eleven Theories of the Capitalist World-System . 209
Rémy Herrera
Chapter Twelve Liberation-Theology Marxism 225
Michael Löwy
Chapter Thirteen Market Socialism: Problems and Models 233
Tony Andréani
Chapter Fourteen The American Radicals: A Subversive Current at the Heart of the Empire . 255
Thomas Coutrot
Chapter Fifteen Political Marxism . 267
Paul Blackledge
Chapter Sixteen From ′Mass Worker′ to ′Empire′: The Disconcerting Trajectory of Italian Operaismo . 285
Maria Turchetto
Chapter Seventeen Marxism and Postcolonial Studies 309
Neil Lazarus and Rashmi Varma
Chapter Eighteen British Marxist History 333
Paul Blackledge
Chapter Nineteen Developments in Marxist Class Analysis 353
Vivek Chibber
Chapter Twenty New Interpretations of Capital . 369
Jacques Bidet
Chapter Twenty-One The New Dialectic . 385
Jim Kincaid
Chapter Twenty-Two States, State Power, and State Theory 413
Bob Jessop
Chapter Twenty-Three Marxism and Theories of Racism . 431
Robert Carter
Chapter Twenty-Four Historical Materialism and International Relations . 453
Frédérick Guillaume Dufour
Chapter Twenty-Five Marxism and Language 471
Jean-Jacques Lecercle
Chapter Twenty-Six Adorno and Marx 489
Jean-Marie Vincent
Chapter Twenty-Seven Louis Althusser, or the Impure Purity of the Concept 503
François Matheron
Chapter Twenty-Eight Marxism Expatriated: Alain Badiou′s Turn 529
Alberto Toscano
Chapter Twenty-Nine Revolutionary Potential and Walter Benjamin: A Postwar Reception History 549
Esther Leslie
Chapter Thirty Critical Realism and Beyond: Roy Bhaskar′s Dialectic . 567
Alex Callinicos
Chapter Thirty-One Bourdieu and Historical Materialism . 587
Jacques Bidet
Chapter Thirty-Two Deleuze, Marx and Revolution: What It Means to ′Remain Marxist′ 605
Isabelle Garo
Chapter Thirty-Three Jacques Derrida: ′Crypto-Communist′? . 625
Jason Smith
Chapter Thirty-Four Foucault, Reader and Critic of Marx 647
Roberto Nigro
Chapter Thirty-Five Beyond the Crisis of Marxism: Gramsci′s Contested Legacy 663
Fabio Frosini
Chapter Thirty-Six Falling Short of Marx: Habermas 679
Jacques Bidet
Chapter Thirty-Seven Fredric Jameson: An Unslaked Thirst for Totalisation . 697
Stathis Kouvelakis
Chapter Thirty-Eight Henri Lefebvre, Thinker of Urban Modernity . 711
Stathis Kouvelakis
Chapter Thirty-Nine Kôzô Uno and His School: A Pure Theory of Capitalism 729
Jacques Bidet
Chapter Forty Raymond Williams 741
Jean-Jacques Lecercle

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