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Resnick (1985): Rethinking Marxism
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Rethinking Marxism. Struggles in Marxist Theory
Essays for Harry Magdoff and Paul Sweezy
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Introduction: Solutions and Problems
Stephen A. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff

Chapter 1
The Crisis, the Third World, and North-South, East-West Relations
Samir Amin

Chapter 2
From Civilization to Barbarism
Rosalyn Baxandall and Elizabeth Ewen

Chapter 3
Reflections on Concepts of Class and Class Struggle in Marx's Work
Charles Bettelheim

Chapter 4
The Labor Theory of Value and the Specificity of Marxian Economics
Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis

Chapter 5
The Centrality of Money, Credit, and Financial Intermediation in Marx's Crisis Theory: An Interpretation of Marx's Methodology
James Crotty

Chapter 6
Dialogue, Utopia and the Division of Labor: Reflections on Some Themes by Harry Magdoff
Kim Edel and Matthew Edel

Chapter 7
Sweezy and the Proletariat
Richard Edwards

Chapter 8
A Marx, Keynes, Schumpeter Centenary and the Editors of Monthly Review
Andre Gunder Frank

Chapter 9
Illusions of Liberation: The Psychology of Colonialism and Revolution in the Work of Octave Mannoni and Frantz Fanon
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and Eugene D. Genovese

Chapter 10
Value, Exchange and Capital
Donald J. Harris

Chapter 11
The Theoretical Status of Monopoly Capital
Michael A. Lebowitz

Chapter 12
On the Analysis of Advanced Capitalist Economy
David Levine

Chapter 13
Marx and Engels on Commodity Production and Bureaucracy
Ernest Mandel

Chapter 14
State Power and Capitalist Democracy
Ralph Miliband

Chapter 15
Capital, Crisis, Class Struggle
James O'Connor

Chapter 16
The Politics of Intervention: The Italian Crisis of 1976
Cheryl Payer

Chapter 17
A Marxian Reconceptualization of Income and its Distribution
Stephen A. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff

Chapter 18
The Organic Composition of Capital and Capitalist Development
Bob Rowthorn and Donald J. Harris

Chapter 19
Monopoly Capital vs. the Fundamentalists
Howard J. Sherman

Chapter 20
Marx and Underdevelopment
Immanuel Wallerstein

Chapter 21
Harry Magdoff and Paul Sweezy: Biographical Notes
Michael Hillard

Chapter 22
Harry Magdoff and Paul Sweezy: Selected Bibliographies
Michael Hillard

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