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Literatur zur Politischen Ökonomie
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Freeman (2004): The New Value Controversy
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The New Value Controversy and the Foundations of Economics
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1. Rhetoric and Substance in Value Theory: an Appraisal of the New Orthodox Marxism
David Laibman
2. Marx versus the '20th-Century Marxists': a Reply to Laibman 19
Andrew Kliman
3. The Return to Marx: Retreat or Advance 37
Fred Moseley
4. The Case for Simplicity: a Paradigm for the Political Economy of the 21st Century 55
Alan Freeman
5. Labour, Money, Labour-Saving Innovation and the Falling Rate of Profit 67
Alejandro Ramos Martinez
6. The Other Side of the Class Relation: Women, Money and Commodities in Capitalism 85
Ann Davis
7. Value, Abstract Labour and Exchange Equivalence 107
Bruce Roberts
8. The Duality of Labour 135
Ted McGlone and Andrew Kliman
9. On the Abstraction of Labour as a Social Determination 151
Mario L. Robles-Baez
10. Defining the Concreteness of the Abstract and its Measure: Notes on the Relation between Key Concepts in Marx's Theory of Capitalism 167
Massimo DeAngelis
11. Forms of Existence of Abstract Labour and Value-Form 181
Stavros D. Mavroudeas
12. Calculating Labour Values Empirically 199
Edward B. Chilcote
13. Socialism and Value Categories in Early Soviet Doctrine: Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin, Preobrazhensky 219
Paresh Chattopadhyay
14. Value's Law, Value's Metric 233
W. Paul Cockshott and Allin F. Cottrell
15. Towards an Empirical Measurement of International Transfers of Value 241
Paul Cooney
16. Some Empirical Considerations for the Question of Transformation 261
Rebecca Kalmans
17. Devalorisation, Crises, and Capital Accumulation in the Late 19th Century US 275
Michael Perelman

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