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Literatur zur Politischen Ökonomie
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Drèze (2007): The Political Economy of Hunger
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The Political Economy of Hunger
Volume 1: Entitlement and Well-Being
Volume 2: Famine Prevention
Volume 3: Endemic Hunger
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1. Introduction 1
Jean Drèze and Amartya Sen
2. Food, Economics and Entitlements 34
Amartya Sen
3. Global Food Balances and Individual Hunger: Three Themes in an Entitlements-Based Approach 53
S. M. Ravi Kanbur
4. The Politics of Hunger and Entitlement 79
Rehman Sobhan
5. Chronic Hunger in the World: Impact of International Policies 114
Kirit S. Parikh
6. An Independent Press and Anti-hunger Strategies: The Indian Experience 146
N. Ram
7. Adapting to Undernourishment: The Biological Evidence and its Implications 191
Partha Dasgupta and Debraj Ray
8. Nutrition and the Economics of Food: Implications of Some Recent Controversies 247
S. R. Osmani
9. Food and Standard of Living: An Analysis Based on Sri Lankan Data 297
Sudhir Anand and Christopher Harris

1. Famine Prevention in India 13
Jean Dréze
2. Famine Prevention in Africa: Some Experiences and Lessons 123
3. Ethiopian Famines 1973-1985: A Case-Study 173
B. G. Kumar
4. Modelling an Early Warning System for Famines 217
Meghnad Desai
5. Market Responses to Anti-hunger Policies: Effects on Wages, Prices and Employment 241
Martin Ravallion
6. The Food Crisis in Africa: A Comparative Structural Analysis 279
Jean-Philippe Platteau

1. Feeding China: The Experience since 1949 15
Carl Riskin
2. Public Policy and Basic Needs Provision: Intervention and Achievement in Sri Lanka S9
Sudhir Anand and S. M. Ravi Kanbur
3. Growth and Poverty: SomeLessons from Brazil 93
Ignacy Sachs
4. Malnutrition and Poverty in Latin America 119
S. M.Ravi Kanbur
5. Undernutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Assessment of the Evidence 155
Peter Svedberg
6. Policy Options for African Agriculture 197
Francis ldachaba
7. Poverty and Food Deprivation in Kenya's Smallholder Agricultural Areas 236
Judith Heyer
8. The Contribution of Industry to Solving the Food Problem in Africa 28 I
Samuel Wangwe

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